Improvements to the mid 2008 Population Estimates

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has launched a programme of engagement on improvements to the mid-2008 population estimates.

 For further details please follow the link to the ONS website;

Closing dates for comments is the 18th January 2010.

 Population estimates for mid 2008 will be released in May 2010.

One Response

  1. It’s worth mentioning that ONS have made two main improvements to the methods that impact directly on the population estimates. These are:

    • improving the modelling of international migration, and
    • improving estimation of internal migration of students

    This has led to ONS publishing data detailing the indicative impact of these improvements on the backdated local authority level population estimates series (mid-2002 to mid-2008).

    There has been some impact on the population estimates across Warwickshire although this has been fairly minor. The total cumulative effect (mid-2002 to mid-2008) is an upward revision of 1,900. Across the County as a whole, this has been mainly due to revisions to levels of international migration. ONS has estimated that fewer people are now emigrating resulting in a net increase in international migration. This is also estimated to be the case in Rugby which ONS indicates will have the largest cumulative revision – 1,200 over the 6 year period.

    In Warwick, the nature of the adjustment to its population estimate is primarily due to a significant increase in the numbers of students moving to the area for study. This is as a result of improved methods to distribute students down to Local Authority level.

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