Claimant count figures in Warwickshire fall again this month

The Job Seekers’ Allowance (JSA) claimant count level in April 2010 was 10,881 in Warwickshire. This represents a fall of 446 claimants or 3.9% from the previous month and this downward trend is mirrored across the Region and nationally.

However, while the steady reduction in the number of people claiming unemployment benefits is positive and welcome news, it must be recognised that this does not paint the full picture.

The wider measure of unemployment used by the Government, which includes all those actively looking for work but who may or may not be claiming benefits, is actually continuing to increase (up 52,000 to just over 2.5m nationally over the 3 months to March), and the number of people that have removed themselves from the labour market (i.e. not actively looking for work) is also increasing – up 0.2% over the past 3 months, now standing at 21.5% of the working age population.

The national labour market therefore remains weak as we pull out of recession.

The monthly economic briefing can be found on the Observatory website via the link below:

Economic briefing (May 2010)

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