Revised 2002-2008 population estimates released by ONS

On the 13th May 2010, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released revised mid-2002 to mid-2008 population estimates for local authorities in England and Wales. The revisions have been produced as a result of improvements to ONS  methodology, introduced as part of the Migration Statistics Improvement Programme (see their website to find out more).

The revised mid-2008 estimates for Warwickshire show the population has been revised upwards by 2,500 people to 533,200. While North Warwickshire’s population (-500 people), Nuneaton and Bedworth (-200 people) and Stratford-on-Avon (-100 people) have seen small falls, Rugby Borough’s population has been revised upwards by 1,000 and Warwick District by 2,500.

A new population estimates analysis tool has also been provided for 2008 to help users to understand the main patterns and trends in the population estimates. The interactive tool allows users to select specific areas of interest and compare estimates across time and with estimates at higher levels of geography. Users are also able to select specific age groups and view components of population change for their chosen area.  This tool as well as the revised population estimates are available through the links below:

Revised 2002-2008 population estimates

2008 population estimates analysis tool

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