Further Analysis on Warwickshire’s ‘Functional Economic Geography’ published

The Observatory has recently published a piece of additional research to gain some further insight into Warwickshire’s ‘Functional Economic Geography’.

The research builds upon the July 2010 paper, ‘The Functional Economic Geography of the Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire Sub-Region’ by Dave Hill (WCC) and forms part of a series of technical reports to inform Warwickshire’s Local Economic Assessment.

Economic flows often overlap local authority boundaries. This means that the functional area over which the local economy and its key markets operate will not necessarily adhere to administrative boundaries.  Instead, key economic markets broadly correspond to wider sub-regions or city regions – known as functional economic geographies (FEGs).

Using a range of socio-economic and demographic variables, maps have been produced to try to assess the ‘real’ economic area that Warwickshire’s economy operates in.  The report explores Warwickshire’s economic linkages and relationships across a wider geography encompassing not only the West Midlands Region but also parts of the East Midlands, South-East and South-West Regions.

Functional Economic Geographies Research – Aug 2010

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