An Introduction to Mosaic

Earlier this year, the Observatory received a new version of the Mosaic Public Sector dataset from Experian.  Mosaic is a household classification tool that helps us understand our various customer types and their different characteristics, lifestyles and channel preferences.  It informs, amongst other things, our Customer Insight research and illustrates the diversity we have amongst our customers.

Please find below a briefing note introducing the new dataset:

Warwickshire Observatory – Mosaic Briefing Note

4 Responses

  1. […] incident data over the past five years provided by Trading Standards.  This was mapped alongside Mosaic to profile previous victims of Rogue Trader […]

  2. […] key statistics on population change, the local economy, deprivation and inequalities, the Mosaic classification and of course health […]

  3. […] dataset, also produced by Experian, within the Observatory.  If not, more details are available here and here, and this data can provide a much richer understanding of localised issues.  The value of […]

  4. […] with their own unique set of service needs and channel preferences.  We had previously posted a briefing note on Mosaic and have produced Warwickshire Mosaic profiles, and today’s session was designed to […]

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