Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough ranked in top 10% ‘least resilient’ Local Authorities in England according to BBC-commissioned research

Research commissioned by the BBC suggests that Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough is Warwickshire’s least resilient area to potential future economic shocks.  It features among the top 10% least resilient local authority areas in England with a ranking of 292nd out of the 324 local authority areas included in the research (where a rank of 1 indicates the most resilient area). 

Stratford-on-Avon District is considered the most resilient area both in Warwickshire and across the West Midlands Region with a rank of 32, placing it within the top 10% most resilient areas nationally.   Warwick District is ranked 56th most resilient nationally and 2nd in the Region.  Rugby and North Warwickshire Boroughs are ranked 160th and 164th respectively.

The Experian research suggests how England’s local authority areas may cope with further public sector cuts and looks at their ability to withstand sudden changes in the economy.

BBC English Regions commissioned the rankings from Experian who collected data for every single local authority in England. (District and Unitary only, and all of them except for the Isles of Scilly and the City of London)

They looked at 33 different variables across four broad areas – business, people, place and community – to assess how capable local areas are to withstand economic shocks and produced an ‘index of resilience’.

Resilience is a concept used to describe the ability of an area to withstand and respond to shocks in the external environment. Some variables are drawn from publicly available data, others from Experian’s proprietary data sources and research.

This research is useful in understanding how areas will respond to cuts, and the positive and negative factors that underpin performance across different local areas. It is important to note that this research does not report the local areas which will suffer the greatest amounts of public sector cuts.

BBC Economic Shocks Resilience Research

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