Release of Joint Director of Public Health Annual Report 2009/2010

The 2009/2010 Annual Report of the Joint Director of Public Health, entitled ‘Best Health for Older People in Warwickshire’, has now been published.

Each year the Director of Public Health produces an annual report, which provides an independent assessment of the health of the local population.

The report, produced by John Linnane, Director of Public Health for NHS Warwickshire and Warwickshire County Council, provides an overview of the healthcare needs of the older population in Warwickshire.  It reviews current service provision and provokes discussion with the public and partners about how together the best health for older people in Warwickshire can be delivered. This process is supported by the production of more detailed localised profiles of the older populations in Warwickshire.

The report is intended to influence both present and future plans and lead to actions for improving health and reducing health inequalities in Warwickshire.  It is important that all the relevant agencies share a common understanding of the key health issues that we face locally and this report will aid to develop a shared understanding.

The report will also form Section One of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, and can be viewed by clicking the link below:

DPH Annual Report 2009/2010

John Linnane will also be running a number of roadshows in order to provide an opportunity to learn more about health trends in your local area, have your say on plans for improving the health of local people and to give your views on the Annual Report.

There is limited space available so places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, please register by contacting your local area office using the contact details in the link below:

Warwickshire Public Health Roadshows Invite

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