Warwickshire Locality Profiles 2011

If you’re looking for data and information about Warwickshire why not try the Locality Profiles that have just been published by the Warwickshire Observatory? Localities are geographical areas and there are 30 of them in the county.

The profiles provide a contextual overview of each Locality with a basic introduction to the geographical area and the inclusion of a wide range of socioeconomic and demographic statistics.

The statistical data and analysis has been supplemented with a broader mix of ‘softer’ qualitative information which has helped to paint a more detailed and rounded picture of the physical environment of each locality, the range of services and facilities on offer and the socioeconomic make-up of its’ communities. It has also identified any unique issues or priorities relevant to each locality.

Comparator rates, averages and rankings for the County have been included where possible. The profiles represent a snapshot of the latest available data at January 2011 and can be used as a starting point and evidence-base for planning and policy development. 

The previous set of Locality Profiles, produced in October 2008, can be obtained from the Warwickshire Observatory.

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