Quality of Life 2010 Key Messages – Economy

The current economic climate remains a focus of much attention both nationally and locally. From a peak in the summer of 2009, all boroughs and districts have experienced a downward trend in the numbers of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance benefit. However, some areas have seen larger reductions than others, suggesting that parts of Warwickshire are recovering more quickly than others.
 Other Indicators, including household income and earnings, do not currently show any notable decline at a county level and, while levels of those claiming worklessness benefits has increased, this is thought to have peaked and may be on the decline. Median gross annual earnings rose slightly between 2008 and 2009 at a county level, but this masks variations experienced more locally. The picture remains somewhat uncertain, but in light of the current weak economy, restrained consumer demand and need to reduce public spending, average earnings growth is expected to be weak. It is thought likely that the average Warwickshire resident will see slight falls in real household income levels.

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