How to receive regular updates from our Blog…

Some of our Blog readers have asked us how they can sign up for regular updates and receive notifications when new posts are made.  There are two ways.  Here’s the easy way…

  1. Just enter your email address in the box to the top right of this page.

Here’s the more involved way – takes a bit longer but will give you your own WordPress account so that you can make comments on posts or join other WordPress blogs (such as the Warwickshire Child Poverty Bulletin)…

  1. First, create an account – takes one minute. Visit and click on the “Sign up for just a username” link on the right hand side
  2. Enter your username, password and email address
  3. Go to “My Blog” tab
  4. Go to “My Subscriptions” tab
  5. Enter in the URL box
  6. Choose the frequency of your e-mail updates (“instantly” if you want a notification as soon as anything is added)


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