Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) League Table

WCC have produced a ‘League Table’ for the 27 formally approved LEPs.  The following tables present the relative performance of the LEP areas. A range of readily accessibles socio-economic data-sets have been utilised, covering economic performance; business start-up, survival and growth rates; sectoral profiles; skill levels of the resident population; unemployment and employment rates.

On each individual indicator selected, the 27 LEP areas were ranked according to their performance, with 1 being the best and 27 being the worst. The ranked are then added together to make a final “score” (with lowest being best). These total scores were then ranked in order to present the Overall League Position shown in the table on the first page.


Local Enterprise Partnership League Table

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  2. midas have announced plns for a huge high tech park immediately north of the a5.
    it is applying for government funds – restricted they are – regional investment and a5 improvements for access, etc.
    what steps have been made to ensure ansty park is not going to be effected. this offers exceptional access off the m6, a46, etc. and far more benefits for employment and business,
    it is understood ansty park is likely to be turned to the warwickshire and coventry l.e.p.
    what has the members of the lep, awm, etc., done to ensure the security offered by this huge government investment.
    has the lep etc objected to the midas scheme,
    hearsay is that tata has pulled out of ansty and likely to be taking its interests to the midas site.

    • Ansty Park has very tightly specified planning permissionthat currently limit its development (low density) and use as a site for Research & Development and associated employment.

      The CWLEP has not objected to the MIDAS development and the future ownership of Ansty is yet to be decided. I believe that the hearsay over Tata is just that and would not wish to speculate on their future plans

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