Look Out for the Census!

The national Census of Population takes place on 27th March 2011. Across the country everyone will be asked the same questions, on the same day, to give a complete picture of the nation.

From today (7th March) Census questionnaires will be posted out to households across the country, ready for completion before, on, or as soon as possible after census day which is 27th March 2011.

The Census takes place every 10 years, and is an estimate of all the people living in the UK. The Census identifies how many people live in the UK, and what types of services they need now and may need in the future. It helps national and local government allocate funds, decide future policy and plan for the future.

Online for the first time
The 2011 Census will be the first time that you can complete your census questionnaire online. Your paper questionnaire will include an internet access code to enable you to do this securely. You may find online completion faster and more convenient. For example, the online questionnaire will automatically skip any questions that don’t apply to you and give you hints and tips along the way. You won’t have to complete everything in one go. You’ll be able to just save the answers you’ve given so far and come back to it later.

You will need your internet access code each time you log into your online questionnaire, so don’t dispose of your paper copy until you have finished and submitted your questionnaire online.

Do I have to complete the census?
Yes! Every householder must, by law, complete and return a 2011 Census questionnaire. A householder is the person who owns or rents the property and is wholly or partly responsible for paying household bills.

The FAQ area of the Census 2011 website contains lots more useful information about the Census, take a look through if there is anything you are not sure about.

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