New data on Business Births & Deaths

The Office for National Statistics has recently released figures on the number of business ‘births’ and ‘deaths’ in the county, for the period 2007 to 2009. Births are the number of new enterprises created; deaths are enterprises that have ceased trading during that year. The figures provide another useful indicator of the extent of the economic downturn in each of our districts.

The above graph presents the summary figures, and we can see that in 2009 there was a net loss of 775 enterprises in the county (3.1% of all enterprises at that time). This compares with net gains of 550 in 2007 and 495 in 2008. (Click on the graph to see full size version).

The loss of 3.1% of enterprises in Warwickshire during 2009 was greater than the regional average (2.5%) and national average (1.9%). Rugby Borough experienced the largest fall, relatively, with a reduction of 4.7% during 2009.

The dataset doesn’t provide any details on the size of the enterprises, so we can’t make any interpretations in terms of job numbers or economic output, although of course that information is available elsewhere.

To access the raw data, click here.

Figure for 2010 will be reelased later this year, when we will be able to see whether the fall has been reversed.

Note: Enterprises are defined as traders registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes with HM Revenue & Customs; employers operating a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme registered with HM Revenue & Customs; and incorporated businesses registered at Companies House.

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