How competitive is Warwickshire?

The Centre for International Competitiveness focuses on researching and exploring the competitiveness of economies and businesses. They have recently released a 2010 UK Competitiveness Index that has been designed as an integrated measure of competitiveness focusing on both the development and sustainability of businesses and the economic welfare of individuals.

The Index ranks local authorities in terms of how they score across a number of indicators.  The full UK report is available to download below as well as the raw data.  One of the key messages from the UK report is that for the first time since the UKCI’s inception London is no longer the UK’s most competitive regional economy, and is displaced by South East England.

UK Competitiveness Index 2010 Report

UKCI 2010 Data

The table below focuses on Warwickshire’s Districts/Boroughs and their rankings (out of  379 local authorities):

Coventry and Nuneaton & Bedworth have fallen in the rankings while all other areas have improved their ranking over the past year.  Warwick District is the most competitive of Warwickshire’s Districts/Boroughs.

For more information on the Centre for International Competitiveness, see their website.

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