Local Trends in Housing Repossessions

During 2010, a total of 750 housing repossession claims were made against households in Warwickshire.  Initial data from the first part of 2011 suggests that the picture is generally static across both Warwickshire and England & Wales as a whole, with 200 claims made in Warwickshire during the first quarter.  The attached graphic presents some of the key findings from our interpretation of housing repossession figures over the past decade. 

  • Repossessions peaked in early 2008 and levels have approximately halved since then.
  • The rate of repossession claims made per 1,000 households in Warwickshire is almost identical to the national average (3.30 in Warwickshire for 2010 compared with 3.28 nationally).
  • Repossession claim rates range between 1.8 per 1,000 households in Warwick District up to 5.2 in Nuneaton & Bedworth.  Nuneaton & Bedworth accounts for more than 40% of all repossessions in Warwickshire.

More detail on this indicator will be available in the forthcoming Quality of Life Report 2011/12.  You can access the raw data via the Ministry of Justice website here.


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