New consultations on Open Data and the Public Data Corporation

The Government has launched two new consultations, both linked to the ‘transparency’ agenda and how centralised data could be made available to a much broader audience. 

The first consultation, Making Open Data Real, sets out the Government’s proposed approach for the Transparency and Open Data Strategy.  This is aimed at establishing a culture of openness and transparency in public services, and is fundamentally about creating a ‘pull’ (an enhanced right to data) and a ‘push’ (a presumption of publication). The consultation seeks the public’s views on: 

  • enhancing a ‘right to data’, establishing stronger rights for individuals, businesses and other actors to obtain data from public service providers
  • how to set transparency standards that enforce this right to data
  • how public service providers might be held to account for delivering open data
  • ensuring collection and publication of the most useful data
  • making the internal workings of government and the public sector more open
  • how far there is a role for government to stimulate enterprise and market making in the use of open data. 

The second consultation seeks views on a Data Policy for a Public Data Corporation.  The Government announced its intention to create a Public Data Corporation (PDC) back in January this year.  The aim of the PDC is to bring together data-rich organisations to provide a more consistent approach towards access to and accessibility of public sector information, balancing the desire for more data free at the point of use whilst ensuring affordability and value for taxpayers

The Government believes that a PDC will provide structures and incentives to promote greater access to, and usage of, public data and information, delivering benefits for the wider economy.  The Government has already made progress toward the establishment of a PDC, through bringing under single departmental sponsorship three organisations that may potentially form part of a PDC (Land Registry, Met Office and Ordnance Survey).

In order to take decisions on membership, strategy and structure of a PDC it is critical that Government is clear about the data policy framework that will apply. This consultation explores questions on key aspects of data policy – charging, licensing and regulation of public sector information produced by the PDC for re-use – that will determine how a PDC can deliver against all its objectives.

Both consultations end on October 27th.  For more details on how to respond, use the links below:

Open Data Consultation

Public Data Corporation Consultation

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