Warwickshire Consultation Hub launched

Today sees the formal launch of the new Consultation Hub.  The Hub provides a central point for the coordination of all consultation activity across Warwickshire, and is a partnership venture, led by Warwickshire County Council with support from the Police, Health, district/borough councils and the voluntary sector. 

The Hub will collate all planned, current and completed consultations in a single place, with the objectives of:

  • enabling staff from different organisations to see what consultation has taken place
  • enabling staff to avoid duplication by utilising existing consultation results
  • enabling staff to liaise with respect to planned consultations and prevent overlap
  • enabling staff to share good practice in consultation approaches
  • enabling the public to register interest in consultations and receive notifications about updates
  • enabling the public to participate in consultations in a single place
  • enabling staff and public to see what the outcomes of consultations are and how the results have been implemented

If you are carrying out any consultation it is your responsibility to enter it onto the system.  The database is available to the public on our webpages to view and, when used to its potential, it will be a valuable tool to monitor and track all consultations across the partnership

Visit the Consultation Hub here, and please begin to either add your consultation activity or monitor the database for consultations that are of interest.  For further information, contact Renata Conduit (renataconduit@warwickshire.gov.uk) or 01926 736124.

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