Proposals for new Parliamentary Constituency boundaries released

The Boundary Commission for England has published proposals for new Parliamentary Constituencies and is inviting comments until December 5th.  The boundary review is intended to reduce the number of constituencies in England from 533 to 502 and make sure that each constituency has a similar number of registered electors.

We have looked at the proposals for Warwickshire.  One notable point is that the proposed new Constituencies no longer fit with our county boundary. There are two county boundary crossings between Warwickshire and the metropolitan boroughs of the West Midlands. One of these creates a constituency where an area in the south of the Borough of Solihull, including the town of Dorridge, is combined with an area of Warwickshire which includes the town of Kenilworth. The other (‘Meriden’) creates a constituency that combines electors from the Shard End ward of the City of Birmingham, the east of the Borough of Solihull, and the Coleshill area of Warwickshire.

Unfortunately the Commission has not released boundary files for us to use in our own mapping software.  However, you can see pdfs of the proposals for Warwickshire here.

We have also produced a spreadsheet summarising the proposals for Warwickshire – click here to view.

To take part in the consultation, please visit the Boundary Commission website here.

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