ONS release mid-2010 population estimates at SOA level

The Office for National Statistics have released mid-2010 population estimates at Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) of which there are 333 in Warwickshire.

LSOAs form a geographic hierarchy designed to improve the reporting of small area statistics in England and Wales. Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) were built from groups of 2001 Census Output Areas (OAs), typically 4 to 6, and designed to have a minimum population of 1,000 and a mean population of 1,500.

These LSOAs nest within Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs), there are typically 4 to 5 LSOAs within a MSOA.  There are 66 MSOAs in Warwickshire.

The population estimates are split by age and sex and have been released at LSOA level and MSOA level today.  Please see below the data released by ONS. 

Warwickshire’s LSOAs are listed from E01031005 to E01031337 and Warwickshire’s MSOAs are E02006468 to E02006533.

Mid-2010 LSOA Population Estimates

Mid-2010 MSOA Population Estimates

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