New wards for Rugby in 2012

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published its final recommendations for new electoral arrangements for Rugby Borough Council.  The new set of ward boundaries will come into force at the next local elections for Rugby in May 2012.

At present, Rugby has 20 wards.  You can view profiles for each of these here.  Next spring, there will be 16 wards (13 three member wards and 3 single member wards).  Although wards are used less frequently for presenting and disseminating statistics (Super Output Areas are increasingly the standard geography for official statistics), there will be some implications for the way the Observatory collates and provides data and analysis:

  • There are no guarantees that historical government data will be reconfigured to meet the new boundaries, and there will be a lag period between the new wards coming into effect and statistics being made available for them.   
  • There may be issues with coterminosity in some parts of the borough, with the new boundaries not necessarily matching up with existing boundaries such as Super Output Areas, Electoral Divisions and Localities).
  • We will have to get used to some new ward names (such as St. Cross, Wolston & The Lawfords and Coton & Boughton).  Where names are unchanged, we shouldn’t assume the boundary is necessarily the same (for example Hillmorton and Benn wards have new boundaries).

Click here to see a map showing the new boundaries.  Get full details on the boundary review at the LGBC website here.


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