Converting SOA figures into other geographical areas

The Observatory has developed a tool that enables us to convert Super Output Area (SOA) data into other geographical areas.  SOAs are the standard unit for many official statistics these days, but there are occasions where other levels of data are needed.  This tool will take SOA data and generate figures for other areas, even generating estimates where the SOA boundaries do not match neatly with other areas.  At present, the following geographies are supported (let us know if there is a need for others).

  • Wards (2003 boundaries)
  • Wards (current boundaries)
  • Parish *
  • Police Beat
  • MSOA
  • Electoral Divisions
  • Localities
  • Districts/Boroughs

* care needs to be taken with parish estimates; parishes are often smaller than SOAs and it cannot be assumed that the population of an SOA is homogenous.

The tool can also calculate rates for these areas across a wide range of denominators.  For example, you could convert your SOA totals into a percentage of the working age population in each Locality, or as a percentage of young people aged 5-16 in each ward.

If you need any SOA data converting, please send it through to us at and we will take a look at it for you. Also let us know if there are other geographies we should build into the tool.


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