Research > Evidence > Action… a small example!

It can be hard sometimes to link the work of the Observatory through to ‘on the ground’ responses and activity.  How does the analysis and interpretation of data lead to changes in front line service delivery?  One small but perfectly formed example from last week involves our work with the police and other community safety partners in Leamington.

Our analysis had identified an emerging problem with a new car park in Station Approach, Leamington.  The car park was privately owned and unmanaged; as a result there was an increasing number of thefts from vehicles (there had been none in Station Approach throughout the whole of 2010/11).  As a result, the North Leamington Safer Neighbourhood Team installed a crime prevention trailer in Station Approach to raise awareness amongst car park users.  Many of the offences taking place involve valuable items being left on display in cars, so the main objective of the intervention is to educate users of the car park.

This isn’t the end of the story, as we will be revisting the data in due course to identify whether the intervention has been successful.  This will also involve examining whether criminal activity has been displaced to other locations.

For further information on our community safety analysis contact Jemma Bull ( or phone 01926 418645.

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