Examining the gap in school attainment levels (part 2)

Last week we explored the differences in school attainment levels amongst pupil groups, particularly those claiming Free School Meals and those that do not.  In a follow up to that analysis, we have examined the variations in GCSE attainment geographically, specifically comparing our 30 Locality areas.

Our graphic updates some analysis presented in the most recent Quality of Life in Warwickshire Report, and illustrates the percentage of Key Stage 4 pupils in each area obtaining five or more GCSEs at grades A* to C including English and Maths.  It clearly demonstrates the variations in attainment that exist, geographically, across the county.  For example, pupils living in the Kenilworth Locality area were nearly twice as likely as those living in Bede & Poplar, in Bedworth, to obtain good GCSEs (78% and 42% respectively).

In terms of geographical clusters it is fair to say that, in broad terms, the Localities based in North Warwickshire and Nuneaton & Bedworth boroughs have lower attainment levels than those based in Warwick and, particularly, Stratford-on-Avon districts.  There are exceptions though; Weddington & St. Nicolas in Nuneaton is the second highest performing Locality in the county and reflects a trend that we have seen many times before, namely that variations within an individual town can be almost as significant as variations across the entire county.

We have also produced a map to illustrate the data on a geographical basis.

Please contact either the Observatory (research@warwickshire.gov.uk) or the Commissioning Support Service (css@warwickshire.gov.uk) for further details.

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  1. Would be really helpful if there was just a little more info on the map so one could more readily identify the areas. Eg. does “Leamington Spa” extend to the NE of Kenilworth? If so, what wards are they?

  2. […] Examining the gap in school attainment levels (part 2) […]

    • When accessing this remotely on a small screen the image is too small to read the lettering. When I zoom in, the quality of the image is such that the letters are really blurred. Not my eyes honestly! The data is interestingly presented – I haven’t seen the ‘fan’ graph style before – so a higher resolution would be welcome.
      Shona Walton
      Learning Improvement Manager
      People Group

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