The Online Census 2011 – Take up in Warwickshire

The 2011 Census was the first in England and Wales to have the option to be completed online. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) have just released data relating to the proportion of Census 2011 returns across the country which were returned this way.

Overall, 16% of Census 2011 returns in England and Wales were completed online – the first response was apparently received just 38 minutes after the site went live! Mode of completion varied according to age with nearly 30% of respondents aged 26-35 choosing to complete online; very similar proportions to those aged 17-25 and 36-45, compared with less than 10% for those aged over 65.

Online completions in Warwickshire varied by district and borough with Warwick (18.7%) and Rugby (17.0%)  recording slightly higher than average online responses while Nuneaton and Bedworth (15.5%), Stratford-on Avon (15.0%) and North Warwickshire (14.1%) were slightly below the England and Wales average.

Larger variations are evident at smaller geographies across the county. The map shows the proportion of online census returns across the county at Lower Super Output Area level. The highest online response rate was in Town Centre Leamington at 29.2% while just 9.3% of people in Baddesley Ensor West in North Warwickshire chose to complete the census this way. 

ONS have reported that generally urban areas tend to have a higher proportion of online returns compared to more rural areas. This is largely seen as a reflection of  the demographic make up of these areas (more young people in urban areas) and the availability of broadband access. Warwickshire appears to follow the national pattern with generally higher proportions of online responses evident in the county’s more urban areas.

The report by ONS and data for internet take up rates across the country is available here

PLEASE NOTE: ONS have discovered an error in the file for internet take-up rates at various geographies. ONS is currently reviewing this information and will make a corrected file available as soon as possible. Users will be notified via census news alerts. ONS apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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