Release Plans for the 2011 Census are Published

The timetable for the release of the 2011 Census statistics has just been published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The volume and depth of data generated by the census  means that statistics will be released in stages. The new Census Prospectus outlines the programme for this release.

The 2011 Census will provide a detailed snapshot of the population in England and Wales. Changes in society will be revealed through comparisons with the 2001 Census. The first release of data is expected in July 2012 and will comprise a range of population and household data for England and Wales – it will also include data at Local Authority level.

A more detailed picture of Warwickshire’s population will be revealed when the second release of data is published. Scheduled for release between November 2012 and February 2013 it will include data tables on a range of topics including resident population, ethnic group, religion, hours worked, health and the provision of unpaid care. Data will be available at small area geographies including Lower Super Output Areas and Census Output Areas.

The third and fouth stages of data release are planned between March and October 2013 and will include the more detailed tables or multivartiate statistics.

The Census Prospectus  details the content and schedule for each stage of the data release programme.

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