New figures on domestic energy consumption in Warwickshire

Each year, the Department for Energy & Climate Change publishes statistics on the amount of energy consumed by households across Great Britain. The figures for 2010 have just been released, and we have carried out an introductory analysis of the Warwickshire data.

Why is this data important?

  • The rising cost of energy has an increasingly significant impact on household budgets (see local data on fuel poverty here)
  • Links between energy use and carbon emissions (see the Carbon Plan here)
  • Dependency on traditional forms of energy needs to change as resources become depleted (see estimates on remaining stocks here)>

The statistics tell us about domestic energy consumption, in kilowatt hours, for every small area in the county (Middle-level Super Output Areas) and splits the use into gas and electricity.  We also have five-year trend data, enabling us to try and identify some short-term patterns in energy use. 

Our analysis is summarised in this graphic.  It is clear that the pattern of energy consumption varies across the county.  For example, the highest energy consumption rates are generally clustered in four areas; Stratford-upon-Avon, North Leamington, Kenilworth and East Nuneaton. These would all be regarded as the most affluent parts of the county.

The analysis also examines the local relationship between energy use and fuel poverty and how consumption has reduced slightly over the past five years.  We also start to consider what the data doesn’t tell us, for example the use of alternative energy sources such as bottled gas, oil, wood, coal or other non-mains based energy types.

The issue of energy consumption will become increasingly important for the residents of Warwickshire as prices continue to rise at a faster rate than earnings and fuel poverty becomes an increasingly likely prospect for many households. 

Contact the Observatory ( for further details on the energy consumption figures.  For specific information on Warwickshire’s Affordable Warmth Group, click here.   

Act on Energy provides free and impartial advice on energy use and conservation to householders and small businesses in Warwickshire and surrounding areas.  Visit their website here.

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  1. Great site, thanks for sharing the data. The more we measure, the more we manage. The future route out of fuel poverty is education and sharing ideas. I am passionately involved in both, and would be glad to help in any way. Thanks again for the efforts you’ve made.

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