(Not) Flying the nest

More and more young adults in Warwickshire are living with their parents throughout their 20s.  Across the UK, the total number of people aged 20 – 34 living with their parents grew by almost one fifth between 1997 and 2011, and now stands at almost three million. 

Locally, around 21,000 people aged 20 – 34 in Warwickshire still live with their parents.  This represents approximately 21% of that age group, slightly lower than the national average of 24%.  However, there is significant variation across parts of Warwickshire.  In North Warwickshire, 38% of young people still live with their parents.  Rugby and Nuneaton & Bedworth both have 25% living at home.  In Stratford-on-Avon the figure falls to 17% whilst in Warwick the percentage is much lower at 12%.  In fact, Warwick has the 14th lowest figure out of 378 local authority areas across England, Wales and Scotland.

The Warwick figure is likely to be heavily influenced by the student population, with many university students in their young 20s living in Leamington Spa.  Many university towns feature among the lowest percentages, including Cambridge, Oxford, Southampton and Nottingham. 

In some parts of Britain the percentage of young people living at home rises as high as 56% (Adur in West Sussex and Derbyshire Dales). Click on the graphic below to see more detail.

The Observatory is currently preparing a discussion paper on the state of the local housing market.  As part of that paper we will see that the relatively low levels of new houses being built in recent years will combine with the difficulty in obtaining a mortage for first time buyers to add further upwards pressure on these figures. 

A more detailed analysis of the national picture is available through this YouTube video published by the Office for National Statistics.

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