Niche Sectoral Strengths of the Coventry & Warwickshire Economy

The Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) commissioned an inward investment specialist to help partners to better understand the particular and specific competitive advantages and key sectoral strengths of the local economy.

The area’s competitive strengths were reviewed from the perspective of inward investors and benchmarked against key competitor locations nationally and internationally.

The review concluded that the most interesting and competitive opportunities for Coventry and Warwickshire were in:

  • Low Carbon Transport Technologies
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Motorsport
  • High Value Manufacturing
  • Serious Games
  • UK Headquarters

Other strengths such as Aerospace, Digital Media, Renewable Energy and Medical Technologies are all important for the area, but the offer is deemed not as competitive and the strengths are found in dozens of other locations to a greater or lesser degree.

The full report can be accessed below:

Niche Sectoral Strengths of the Coventry & Warwickshire Economy

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