My experience of working in the Observatory on a summer placement – Elena Aldea

After four weeks of working as a Research Assistant with Warwickshire Observatory, I feel writing a ‘Thank you’ note is not the best way to express my gratitude to all the people that contributed to my personal development so a blog post seems a more reasonable compromise. This article is dedicated not only to the wonderful team I have been working with but also to students looking for a great internship opportunity within a top research institution.

The practical experience of working in a research environment contributed not only to my professional skills, but also enhanced my academic knowledge on areas I have never interacted with before. From working on Warwickshire’s Annual Pupil Survey to writing sections on Housing Affordability or Job Vacancies in the Quality of Life report, I have truly gained a better understanding of the main focus in current public policy and institutional research.

Apart from being able to interact with different representatives within Warwickshire County Council, including the Economics and Public Health Departments, I have had the chance to learn the basics of Geographic Information Systems and apply different economic tools to find relevant local data, offering me a great start in preparation of my Bachelor dissertation next year!

Having a background in International Economics and Trade and a strong interest in the public sector, I have fully enjoyed my time with the Warwickshire Observatory team and strongly recommend students with a genuine interest in research to apply for this position!

Elena Aldea

Coventry University

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  1. Glad to know that you enjoyed it.

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