Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE)

The North West Public Health Observatory has announced the publication of the Local Alcohol Profiles for England 2012 (LAPE).

The profiles contain 25 alcohol-related indicators for every local authority (LA) and 22 for every Primary Care Trust (PCT) in England. These indicators measure the impact of alcohol on local communities including local area data on alcohol-related hospital admissions and alcohol-related crime. The updated LAPE website also includes a new Atlas function that enables the user to view interactive maps and trend data.

For Warwickshire, the admission episode rate for alcohol-attributable conditions (previously National Indicator NI39) is significantly better, at 1,693 per 100,000 population than either the regional (1,910) or England (1,895) rates.

At a local authority level, Nuneaton & Bedworth 1,935 per 100,000 population and Rugby (1,867) Boroughs have rates which are not significantly different from the national rate whereas, North Warwickshire (1,533), Stratford (1,519) and Warwick (1,627) Districts have rates that are significantly better than that for England.

The profiles can be accessed online at www.lape.org.uk

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