New Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard tool for Local Authorities and update to the PCT tool

On the 23rd August the South West Public Health Observatory announced the launch of a new Local Authority (LA) tool on the Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard – an easy-to-use online tool that brings together 20 sexual health related indicators for each LA in England.

The Primary Care Trust (PCT) indicators on the Scorecard have also been updated, as have related resources and links.

The tools have been developed by the South West Public Health Observatory on behalf of the Public Health Observatories in England. Their purpose is to be a key source of information for public health, commissioning and performance management at local, regional and national levels.

There are differences between the LA and PCT tools, due to current availability of suitable data, and it is recommended that these are used together. The LA tool contains indicators relating to: teenage conceptions; sexually transmitted infections and HIV; sexual assaults; and other related issues. The PCT tool provides a wider view, and indicators have been updated for: teenage conceptions; abortions; GP prescribed contraception; access to GUM clinics; and HPV vaccine uptake.

The Scorecard website includes:  interactive mapping tools enabling flexible comparisons to be made regionally and nationally across a range of indicators relating to sexual health  data tables showing current and archive data underlying each indicator guides to help users understand how to get the most out of the Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard  useful links to relevant websites, events and reports providing the latest information about sexual health  email alerts to help users keep up to date with latest website developments.

The tool can be accessed at

The tools provide improved indicator displays and increased functionality, making them easier to use and extending options for comparing geographical areas.

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