Foreign owned businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire

A recent report by the national LEP Network highlighted Coventry & Warwickshire as having the highest proportion of employment in foreign-owned businesses out of the 39 LEP areas (Coventry and Warwickshire has 27.8% of total employment in foreign-owned enterprises).

As a result of this, the Observatory has mapped Coventry and Warwickshire’s Foreign Owned Firms (current trading firms whose ultimate parent is based outside the UK) from data provided by TBR Observatory, 2012.

Coventry & Warwickshire Foreign Owned Firms

LEP Network Annual Report 2012

Out of the 1,035 firms listed in the Coventry and Warwickshire LEP area, the USA and Germany both have over 200 firms  based in the sub-region.  Although, as can be seen from the map, there are a number of parent companies scattered across various countries around the world with firms operating in the Coventry and Warwickshire economy.  These close ties to the global economy highlight that these firms will not only be directly influenced by conditions in Coventry and Warwickshire and more broadly, the UK but also will be influenced and impacted by economic conditions in their ultimate parent country.

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  1. Interesting to note the number of businesses owned from tax havens.

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