Joint Director of Public Health Annual Report 2012

The Joint Director of Public Health Annual Report 2012 – 1 in 3: The Picture of Ill Health in Warwickshire has been published in conjunction with the launch of the new Public Health Warwickshire website.

The 2011 report focused on the lifestyle of Warwickshire people and this report begins to look at the effects of lifestyle has on health and wellbeing in the County.

Chronic ill health can affect people at all ages, but predominately exists within older age groups, and can be a major contributor to frailty. We are all living longer related to our increasing affluence though not usually into a healthy old age.

Examples of long term conditions in Warwickshire include high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. People live with these conditions for many years, often decades, which can impact on their quality of life.

The 2009 General Lifestyle Survey showed that, nationally, 15 million people (1 in 3 of those aged over 16) are living with long term conditions which account for:

  • 50% of all GP appointments
  • 60% of outpatient appointments
  • 70% of all inpatient bed days
  • Around 70% of the total health and care spend in England (£7 out of every £10) is attributed to caring for people with long term conditions (LTCs). This means that 30% of the population account for 70% of the spend.

This year’s report is available to view on the Public Health Warwickshire website or can be downloaded in full here: 2012 Joint Director of Public Health Annual Report.

summary report can also be downloaded.

Any comments or feedback you may have regarding the report, should be directed to:

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