Warwickshire Young People & Substance Misuse Needs Assessment 2012

The 2012 needs assessment has been published this week. Key messages for Warwickshire are below:

  • Data on alcohol use by young people in Warwickshire indicates that fewer young people are drinking alcohol, those that do are drinking less frequently, and fewer are attending A&E or being admitted to hospital as a result of alcohol misuse. However, comparisons show that more young people are drinking every week in Warwickshire (10%) compared to the 2011 national average (6%). This is consistent for every age group. Efforts to reduce alcohol misuse therefore, must not be diminished.
  • Most young people have never tried illegal drugs (92%). Fewer young people are using illicit drugs in Warwickshire compared with the national average. Research shows that young people who have truanted from school or been excluded, are more likely to have taken drugs in the last year than those who were not vulnerable in this way. Cannabis is the most frequently used substance of those that have tried illegal drugs with 2.8% of young people reported using cannabis in the last four weeks. Efforts to reduce drug misuse therefore, must not be diminished.
  • In terms of services, Compass provides high quality support to young people in its care. All service users reduce their alcohol and drug use, with 39% leaving drug free. Furthermore, 99% exit their support in a planned way. However, the number of young people accessing the service has continued to reduce raising concern about the identification and referral of young people with problematic substance misuse. Local research would that there is unmet need for those using substances regularly, but not yet problematically.
  • Young people report that they are well informed about alcohol and illegal drugs.

A link to the full report is below…..

Young People & Substance Misuse Needs Assessment 2012

or alternatively visit the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment website for a summary of the assessment.

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