Warwickshire’s population stands at 546,600

On 25th September 2012, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released their annual, local authority level mid-year population estimates (MYE) for 2011 based on the 2011 Census.

The latest population figures from the mid-2011 population estimates (based on the 2011 Census) reveal that Warwickshire is home to 546,600 people.

This has increased by 1,300 people (0.2 per cent) between the 2011 Census day (27th March) and the mid-year point (30th June).  The latest 2011 figure has risen by 40,400 people (8.0%) from the equivalent figure in 2001.

According to the 2011 mid-year estimates, the population of England and Wales stands at 56.2 million in mid-2011, up 95,000 (0.2%) on the 2011 Census estimate and 3.8 million (7.3%) on the 2001 estimate.

The Observatory has produced a briefing note on the latest estimates:

Briefing Note – Mid-2011 population estimates

The data is also attached below to download:

Mid-2011 population estimates, by local authority district, by single year of age

For further information on the mid-2011 population estimates, or information on the population of Warwickshire in general, feel free to comment below or contact the Observatory!

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