Have you tried our interactive mapping tool?

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to take a look at our new Quality of Life in Warwickshire Report.  In previous years, one of the main areas of feedback we’ve received is the need to drill down below the headline county and district figures to see how these economic and social indicators play out at the very local level.

This year, to respond to this need, we have developed our new Instant Atlas tool.  This enables users to examine local data in a number of ways:

  • Identify specific parts of the county
  • Switch between different geographies, such as wards or Super Output Areas
  • Change the colour scheme to enable easier viewing
  • Change the way the data is presented, such as using quartiles or natural breaks to colour the areas
  • Turn background mapping on and off
  • Download the raw data behind the maps
  • Examine trend data at the local level where available
  • Compare areas with each other, including district and county comparisons

Throughout the report you will see our ‘interactive mapping’ button; by clicking on this you will be taken to the Instant Atlas tool.

In addition to this, the following links will take you directly to the specific maps you might be interested in:

Population Data

Workforce / Unemployment

Education & Skills

Income & Earnings

Community Safety




Deprivation & Need

We are really interested to hear your views on how helpful this function is.  It is the first time we have used it in this kind of report and we want to see whether it is meeting user needs.  If is considered useful we can begin to make it available more generally in other projects we do.  Alternatively, it may not be what you need at all, in which case let us know!

Please let us have your comments in the box below.

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