The Office for National Statistics announce the release of more detailed 2011 Census data

ONS has announced today that it will publish a set of Key Statistics tables from the 2011 Census on 11th December 2012. A range of census topics will be covered in this release including ethnicity, language, home ownership, qualifications, unpaid care as well as a number of economic variables. This data will be at local authority level only.

A further release of data on 30 January 2013 is planned and this will publish all Key and Quick statistics at output areas, wards, parish and parliamentary constituency geographies.   By the end of February 2013, ONS will issue the Key and Quick statistics for all remaining geographies such as health areas and National Parks.

ONS has also announced it will publish the usually resident 2011 Census population and household estimates for output area geographies (the smallest geography for which data is available) on 23 November 2012.

The above data releases will be published via the ONS website. The 2011 Census data represents a rich source of information about Warwickshire’s population and the Observatory will be producing a set of Key Message papers following the release of data in December 2012. We will also shortly be publishing our own 2011 Census Prospectus outlining our dissemination and analysis plans for release of data over the next few months.

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