Coventry and Warwickshire Labour Market Summary

The Summary for quarter two has just been published and shows that, following a small rise in the numbers of job seeker allowance claimants in July and August, the numbers fell again in September – they now stand at 17,644.   This is a fall of 2,161 from September 2011.   The claimant rates for the working age population are highest in Coventry and lowest in Stratford-on-Avon District.  The percentage of claimants in the the age groups 18-24, 25-49 and 50-64 have also fallen in the last quarter.  The number of notified vacancies in Coventry and Warwickshire rose by 22.5% between June and September and the numbers of claimants by vacancy has fallen. 

A comparison of the overall number of benefit claimants in February 2011 and February this year shows that the number has remained relatively static.  Worklessness rates however have risen in both Coventry and Warwickshire. 

The full report can be found here: Labour Market Summary – Oct 2012

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