Walking and Cycling: How active is Warwickshire?

On the 30th of August 2012, the Department for Transport published a new official statistics release on the prevalence of walking and cycling amongst adults, at local authority level during 2010/2011.

The release, Local Area Walking and Cycling: England 2010/2011, is based on data from the Active People Survey, a household sample-based survey which is run by Sport England. It contains statistical tables which detail:

  • The percentage of people who frequently cycle/walk;
  • Public attitudes towards cycling/walking;
  • The percentage of the population who cycle/walk to work and;
  • Accident statistics for cycling/walking.

Full details of all the tables used to compile the release can be found on the Department for Transport’s Walking and Cycling Statistics pages.

Key Findings

  • Nationally, 10% of adults cycle at least once per week and 71% of adults walk for at least half an hour, at least once per month.
  • At a Regional level, 90% of the West Midlands population are estimated to walk at least once per month. This is in line with the national average.  For cycling at least once per month, the West Midlands rates are 3 percentage points below the average of 15%, when compared with other regions, at 12%.
  • Within Warwickshire, there is some variation in the amount of cycling and walking that takes place. The proportion of the population who cycle for at least 30 minutes at least once a month for utility purposes, ranges from 1% in Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough and Stratford-on-Avon District, to 4% in Warwick District and between 24% in Stratford-on-Avon District to 36% in Warwick District for those walking at the same activity level.

A more detailed analysis on the prevalence of walking and cycling throughout Warwickshire can be found in the Walking and Cycling: How active is Warwickshire briefing note.

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