2011 Census: Population and household estimates for wards and LSOAs

Census visualisationsPopulation and Household Estimates for Small Areas in England and Wales, is the first release of small area statistics from the 2011 Census.

This release presents the 2011 population estimates for output areas (OA), lower layer and middle layer super output areas (LSOA and MSOA respectively) and electoral wards. It provides estimates of the number of households with at least one usual resident and average household size together with the usually resident population of England and Wales by five year age group and sex at OA, LSOA, MSOA and electoral ward level.

The census has collected information about the population every 10 years since 1801 (except in 1941). The latest census in England and Wales took place on 27 March 2011.  Census statistics describe the characteristics of an area and are used by government and local authorities, businesses and communities to inform policy and planning decisions and run public services.

Small area population estimates provide more detail and further help local authorities plan the delivery of services. OAs, LSOAs and MSOAs are the core statistical geographies from which statistics are built for all higher level geographies.

Data visualisations have been produced to aid users in interpreting the data and to enable them to easily compare 2001 and 2011 Census statistics.

Warwickshire’s population and household estimates for all geographies are in the spreadsheet below:

2011 Warwickshire Census population and household estimates

Although ONS have tried to keep their geographies as similar as possible to the 2001 Census, Warwickshire now has 339 LSOAs (up from 333 LSOAs in the 2001 Census).  This is due to significant increases in population caused by new housing developments (Cawston, Chase Meadow, Bridgetown) over the ten year period.

For more information on the Observatory’s plans for the 2011 Census, please see our previous post on our census prospectus.

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