New data released on business demography in Warwickshire

ONSONS released 2011 business demography data last week.  In 2011 there were 2,525 business births, that is new registrations, in Warwickshire, a birth rate of 10.3%. This was compared with 2,330 births in 2010, a birth rate of 9.4%. In 2011 there was an increase of 195 births or 8.4% from 2010.

Provisionally for 2011 there were 2,460 business deaths i.e. business de-registrations, a death rate of 10%. This compares with 2,685 business deaths in 2010 and a death rate of 10.8%. In 2011 there was a 8.4% decrease in the number of business deaths from 2010.

There were approximately 24,500 active businesses in Warwickshire during 2011, a fall of 355 on 2010.

The data can be downloaded below:

Business Demography data – 2011

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