Which parts of the country have the worst child poverty?

Poverty UKThe Campaign to End Child Poverty published estimated figures last week looking at the proportion of children living in poverty in 2012 by Parliamentary Constituency (which are projections using data from 2010).

In Warwickshire, there are six Parliamentary Constituencies each with the proportion of children living in poverty in 2012 listed below:

  • North Warwickshire   13%
  • Nuneaton  17%
  • Rugby  11%
  • Kenilworth and Southam 5%
  • Warwick and Leamington  11%
  • Stratford-om-Avon   7%

The data also shows child poverty rates at local authority and ward level, building a detailed picture of child poverty and how it can differ by area. The latest estimates show considerable variation across the country and this applies to Warwickshire’s parliamentary constituencies where proportions range from 5% in Kenilworth and Southam to 17% in Nuneaton.

On average throughout the UK, one in five children are classified as below the poverty line (before housing costs). And that poverty line is below 60% of median earnings. So whilst Warwickshire’s Parliamentary Constituencies fall below the national average of 20%, when the ward level data is considered (download below), small localised pockets with relatively high levels exist which can be overlooked by using the higher level analysis.

For example, wards in Central and West Nuneaton have considerably higher rates than the national average. In Camp Hill ward, one in three children are considered to be living in poverty, closely followed by Wem Brook ward (31%) also in Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough and Brunswick ward (27%) in Warwick District.

The largest concentrations are entrenched in the County’s largest urban areas, particularly Nuneaton and to a lesser extent Rugby and Bedworth.  However, these concentrations are combined with spatially dispersed pockets in the rural South and North.

The Guardian has produced an interactive map showing the data by parliamentary constituency and the data can be downloaded below:

Child poverty 2012 data

More information about the End Child Poverty report can be found here: http://bit.ly/AaePh0

The Observatory produced an issues paper late last year which aims to provide a detailed understanding of any emerging issues and data updates linked to child poverty in Warwickshire. The original Child Poverty Needs Assessment produced by the Observatory in late 2010 highlighted the extent and geographical distribution of child poverty across Warwickshire.

Child Poverty – Emerging Issues Paper

We’ve looked at the relative nature of the indicator used to define child poverty in a previous blog post too which provides some additional context around the relative vs absolute debate!

Let us know what you think!

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