Cardiovascular Disease Profiles


Today the third release of the Cardiovascular Disease Profiles for England has been published by the South East Public Health Observatory (SEPHO), which will become part of Public Health England from April 2013.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the second largest cause of death in England causing around 130,000 deaths in 2011 (29% of all deaths).

Within Warwickshire, the proportion of CVD deaths was fractionally lower at 28.5% accounting for a total of almost 1,400 deaths in 2011. Although the profiles are produced at a county level, more localised analysis shows that the rates varied from 25.0% in Rugby Borough to 29.7% of all deaths in Warwick District.

The profiles allow comparison across regions and local areas against a number of indicators, including: prevention, incidence, mortality, and treatments. They are available for every upper tier local authority in England, along with summary profiles for the strategic clinical networks that come into force from April 2013. The profile data is easily accessible online via the SEPHO website, along with an interactive Atlas tool, which allows for more direct comparison between different areas. The profiles can be found at sepho CVD profiles.

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