Warwick District is revealed as the most peaceful place to live in the county in the UK Peace Index

PictureThe UK Peace Index was released this month and is the first measure of peacefulness across the UK from 2003 to 2013. The Index has found that the UK is 11% more peaceful than it was a decade ago. The area regarded as the MOST Peaceful to live in is Broadland in Norfolk with a score of 1.164.

Where 1 = most peaceful and 4 = least peaceful

The least peaceful place to live is Lewisham in London with a score of 4.529.

The Index measures levels of peace according to five key indicators: the levels of violent crime, homicide, public disorder, weapons crime and the number of police. The research includes an analysis of the socio-economic factors associated with violence, as well as the economic benefits that would flow from increased levels of peace.

Only four districts/boroughs in Warwickshire have been given an index (Nuneaton and Bedworth is excluded) with Warwick District scoring 1.640. North Warwickshire Borough follows closely behind with a score of 1.720, followed by Stratford District 1.830. Rugby Borough is the area of the county deemed ‘least peaceful’ with a score of 2.230.

Click on the link to be taken to more information on the UK Peace Index.



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