Data on the age, sex and ethnic group of carers and more from the latest 2011 Census release

2011 Census LogoToday sees the release of further 2011 Census material by the Office for National Statistics. This third phase of data release provides more detailed information, at local authority level, on some previously released variables such as ethnic background, religion, provision of unpaid care and economic activity. For instance, it is now possible to obtain data on ethnic group and religion by sex and age. The age, sex and ethnic group of carers in Warwickshire is also now available. An early glance at the data indicates there are some three and half thousand young people under the age of 24 providing some form of unpaid care.

Nationally, the data demonstrates the varying age profiles of different religious and ethnic groups as well as those born outside of the UK. For example, those whose religious affiliation was Christian had the highest median age (45) while Muslims the lowest (25). In Warwickshire 70% of those whose country of birth was one of the EU Accession countries were under the age of 34 years compared with only 40% of those born in the UK.

The Observatory will be publishing a range of theme papers on various 2011 Census topics in the coming months now that more detailed information is available. Some of the information will also be incorporated in our annual Quality of Life 2013/14 Report to be published later this year.

The access 2011 Census data visit ONS or Nomis

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