Respiratory Data Tool

Inhale toolRespiratory disease which includes COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and pneumonia is the third biggest killer in the UK after heart disease and cancer; 1 in 50 adults has COPD and 1 in 14 has asthma.

INHALE (INteractive Health Atlas for Lung conditions in England)  is the first single source of shared, accessible, actionable data on respiratory disease. The information is available as data reports, containing sets of important respiratory indicators that show how a particular geographical clinical commissioning group (CCG) area compares to the national and regional averages.  Interactive maps for CCGs are also available using the atlases provided. The atlases allow creation of maps and charts and to easily make comparisons between CCGs as well as between indicators.

COPD prevalence in both South Warwickshire and Coventry & Rugby CCGs is below the England average of 1.7%. In Warwickshire North the prevalence rate is slightly above the England average at 1.8%.

Complimentary to the Respiratory Data Tool is the Asthma Data Tool that draws together a range of thirteen asthma-related indicators from primary and secondary care. The indicators can be displayed in two formats:

Asthma Data Atlas: data for each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in England are assembled in the form of an interactive map so it is easy to see the geographical variation, and trends over time. A useful facility allows users to compare one measure with another so relationships between measures can be visualised.

Asthma Spine Charts: data for all CCGs in England are benchmarked against the England value making it possible to see whether a CCG is significantly higher, lower or similar to the England value. The spine charts are also interactive so that comparison of more than one CCG is possible, and data for all indicators are displayed so that a quick overview of the asthma care pathway is possible.

Asthma prevalence across the Warwickshire North and Coventry & Rugby CCGs at 6.0% is below that of South Warwickshire CCG (6.3%) but above the England average of 5.8%.

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