‘Wake-up call for Warwickshire’

Longer LivesA ‘wake-up call for Warwickshire’ is how the county’s Director of Public Health has described figures revealed by the new Public Health England Longer Lives website.

The County is ranked 41st out of 150 for overall premature mortality with a rate of 244 deaths per 100,000 population for 2009-11. The best performing authority was Dorset (200 deaths per 100,000) and worst was Manchester (455 deaths per 100,000).

Binge drinking and smoking are just two of the ways that can shorten a life, and Dr John Linnane, Warwickshire’s Director of Public Health says the report should act as a wake-up call. He said: “Currently in Warwickshire about a third of all deaths are defined as premature (deaths under the age of 75). This is a wake-up call for Warwickshire and an opportunity for public health to tackle the wider determinants of health and become more influential around educational attainment, economic prospects and lifestyle behaviours. Compared to the national picture Warwickshire is ranked in the ‘best’ category for the mortality indicators other than liver disease – this is particularly worrying with the county having a higher than the national average rate of binge drinking.”

The total premature deaths figure of 4,667 for Warwickshire quoted on the Longer Lives website is for the 3 year period 2009–2011. This equates to approximately 1,500 premature deaths annually or 30% of all deaths. Although the County is ranked 41st overall, it is ranked 12th out of 15 comparator areas (areas with similar socioeconomic deprivation).

Longer Lives

The new website aims to allow people to easily see local information for the West Midlands on early deaths from major killers like heart disease, stroke and cancer, and how it varies across the area and the country.

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