Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future

Public Health 2013 coverThe Public Health Intelligence Team has been working extremely hard since April this year to produce the 2013 Director of Public Health Annual Report entitled ‘Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future’ which was presented to the County Council Cabinet on 12th of September.

The theme of this year’s report is a reflection on some of the longer term trends in health over time and the types of action we can take now to promote and protect the health of people in Warwickshire in the future.

With the responsibility of public health moving into local government, this presents a real opportunity to tackle these issues through a more collaborative approach. The report is a vehicle for informing local people about the health of their community, as well as providing the necessary information for decision makers in local health services and authorities on health gaps and priorities that need to be addressed.

Whilst the health of Warwickshire is generally better than England, there are some stark reminders that Warwickshire still requires improvement, such as:

  • 1,600 children are estimated to have started smoking in Warwickshire last year
  • 1 in 5 mothers are estimated to be smoking at the time of delivery which increases the risk of infant mortality by an estimated 40%
  • 68% of parents who smoke admit to doing so in the car with their children present
  • Life expectancy is 2.9 years lower for men and 1.3 years lower for women in the north of the County than those in the south
  • Cancer causes the largest proportion of deaths in Warwickshire (1,412 deaths, 28.5% of all deaths). It is estimated that up to half of all cancers could be prevented by changes in lifestyle behaviours

The report can be downloaded here.

This year, Dr John Linnane is keen to gain views on his annual report. If you would like to comment or give some feedback, please do so by filling out the short survey: www.surveymonkey.com/s/publichealthwarwickshire

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