Where to find 2011 Census data

Much data from the 2011 Census is now available. Access to this data is easier than in the past, so there are more 2011 Censusopportunities to use and share this information.

Earlier this year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published Key & Quick Statistics. These tables tell us more basic information about an area for example, how many people provide unpaid care or the ethnic origin of people who live there. This data is available from national to very small geographical areas called Output Areas containing as few as 40 households.

Over the summer months, ONS has continued to release data under the banner of Detailed and Local Characteristics tables. Further releases of these are expected but they provide more detailed information for example on the age, sex, health and ethnicity of people providing unpaid care or the age and sex of  different ethnic groups in an area. Detailed Characteristics are generally available at local authority level and, in some cases, Middle Super Output Areas/Wards. Local characteristics are being released down to output areas.

Using Key and Quick Statistics tables, Warwickshire Observatory have put together a small area Profiler Tool to enable users to select an area (for example Ward, LSOAs, Parishes) and create a 2011 Census Profile across a range of topics including population, ethnicity, religion, travel to work.  Key messages for Warwickshire and districts and boroughs in the county are also available.

In response the the release of more detailed data, the Observatory are planning a programme of analysis by census topic e.g carers, migration, ethnicity, exploring the data to give a more detailed picture of Warwickshire’s population and communities.

2011 Census data is also available on the Nomis website. A record of releases to date is available here. ONS have also recently published an Index of Tables and Topics which enables users to search 2011 Census data by topic.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Observatory’s programme of analysis of 2011 Census data please contact the research team at research@warwickshire.gov.uk.

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