New rural-urban classification for 2011 Census data

A new way of classifying 2011 Census data is now available from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which makes it 2011 Census Logopossible to identify the characteristics of Warwickshire’s rural and urban communities. The classification allows summary outputs to be produced by either rural or urban areas down to local authority level.

The new way of classifying the data reveals that:

  • Warwickshire’s rural population is generally older than its urban areas; the median age of the county’s urban population is 39 compared with 45 for rural areas. The proportion of people aged 65 or over in rural areas is 21% while in urban areas it is 17%.
  • People in rural areas of the county are more likely to be married; around one third of people aged 16+ are married in Warwickshire’s rural areas compared with a quarter of the urban population.
  • The ethnic background of the population in urban areas is typically more diverse than rural areas. Additionally, urban areas tend to have a higher proportion of non-UK born residents.
  • A higher proportion of homes are owned outright in rural areas – almost 40% compared with 32% in urban areas. Rates of home ownership with a mortgage are broadly similar but private renting is higher in urban areas.
  • Car ownership is generally higher in rural areas; around 89% of households own at least one car in rural areas compared with 79% in urban areas. Addtioinally, households in rural areas typically own more cars with proportionally higher numbers of 2, 3 and 4 car households.

The rural-urban split in 2011 Census data is available for key and quick statistics from the Nomis website. For further enquiries about 2011 Census data please contact the Observatory on

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